Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Its good to be home

I am back in the DC area again, thank God.
Youngstown, Ohio isn't what I remembered, or perhaps in the time I've away it has made some great transformation into this huge ghetto, or maybe its been ghetto all along, but when it was home I didn't mind, whatever the case, its so good to be home.
Don't get me wrong, I love to travel and tattoo in other areas, however it always feels great to go to sleep in your own bed.
I had a amazing Christmas and got to see a lot of my family, as well spend time with my girlfriends family. I hope everybody enjoyed their Christmas as much as I did. What did y'all get? I got a lot of art supplies for Christmas, as well as a very nice Fossil watch from my girl, I think she's trying to get me to work on my professional appearance more, haha.
I spent a lot of last night drawing in a one of my new sketchbooks, and working on some new ideas for some t-shirts for this clothing line, I just wish I can find the time to sit down and actually finalize the details on at least one of these designs.
That being said, New Year's is right around the corner, and its a new year, and a new beginning. Its time to make some changes, and its definitely time for me to start working on my time management.
Anyways, the purpose of this blog was to alert my crew that I will resume tattooing at X2 Tattoos today in Capitol Heights, MD and will be taking walk-ins all day (1-9) today, and probably the rest of the week. If you would like an appointment, just give me a call at the shop (301) 333-1236 and ask for Bobby.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Back In Ohio

I will be tattooing in the Youngstown area until Monday.
Everybody be sure to get a hold of me if you've been waiting until I got home to get a tattoo from me, cause honestly, I have no clue when I'll be in this area again.
So if you wanna get a tattoo, please, give me a call at (202) 280-3559 until Monday. 
Also, I will be tattooing at X2 Tattoos in DC again on Wednesday December 30th, so anyone trying to get a tattoo then be sure to give me a call at the shop no later then Tuesday to make your appointment. I will be doing walk-ins all day Wednesday and Thursday, and am still offering some $50 tattoo specials for the holidays. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What are you passionate about?

Every few days of so, someone usually wanders into the shop and acquires "how do you learn to tattoo?? 'cause I've been watchin LA ink, and man, I used to draw all the time and, man I can do that..."
To which normally I would explain about a apprenticeship and ask about a portfolio, and half the time people don't want to hear it and change the subject.
But lately, I have been calling these people out because they want to tattoo of all the reasons.
The reason most people want to tattoo is because of susposed easy work, or because they saw it on TV, and let's face it, it is a cool job. But first off, half these people couldn't draw a stick figure if their life depended on it, and the second do it for the status and perceived fame that comes with being a artist. Trust me, its hard work with no real glory.
The reason I got into tattoos is because I am a artist and to be quite honest, the opportunity to immortalize my art through tattoos had always appealed to me, was just too much to pass up. I had always wanted to tattoo, ask my mother. I used to draw everybody I knew and when everybody else was playing ps one, I was drawing and writing. I had always been different as a kid, and it only made sense that I'd be a artist/musician.
But the love of tattooing was engrained in me even before I realized that's what I wanted to do, and to this day I eat, sleep, breathe and bleed tattoos.
Its what I'm passionate about, and I always tell people, try and understand why I get possessive about tattooing: Its not for everybody, and people who don't belong in it are ruining the industry. The game is meant to be told not sold. It is a lifeskill which was meant to be passed on through careful instruction within a apprenticeship, and I went through hell with mine. It wasn't paid, I had to be there 30 hours a week, and I had to clean tubes, scrub floors, wash cars, run drugs and do any other misc shit they needed. I worked hard, and learned a lot, not only about tattooing, but life, hustlin, and. making money. Once my apprenticeship was over, I had worked hard to earn this skill and nothing can beat that feeling, I will tattoo until I can't anymore, that's for sure.
However if tattooing is your passion, and that's really what you want to do, just know its not going to be easy, people will try you, nobody will want you to do well and everybody will be tough on your work. But that's just what we had to go through, and its just to make sure your real, the industry doesn't need anymore people in it fucking the game up for us . Don't give up.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New business cards??

I really need new business cards.
I'm thinking about making new ones every month or so, and just ordering 1000 of each. These are the first ones I made up,and it literally took me like 20 minutes so they're not that intricate yet. The next batch I'm gonna hand draw, so keep your eyes open for the post with those pics in it.. 
Anyone have any ideas of what I should draw for my next card? 
Also, I am gonna start drawing a $40 tattoo sheet of flash for the rest of this year, I will be doing certain tattoos for $40.
And a free piercing for every $150 spent. Limit $50 piercing. 

Thanks so much, 

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I love tattooing. I love the art, the challenge and the rush it gives me, and  I am eternally grateful to the people in my life who have helped me get into tattooing, whether it be financially, or the people who let me tattoo them when I first started, or even my friends who totally believed that I could do it, even when I wasn’t sure of it.
That being said, there are a lot of misconceptions about tattooing, at least where I am tattooing at now, so I figured  I’d  take advantage of this blog, which I rarely use, to dispel some of these myths and kind of vent to everybody about things you do that drives me crazy, and is sometimes is just plain offensive to your artist.
First off, I am pretty much done doing flash tattoos, its keeping me awake at night knowing that at least once a day I put a tattoo design on someone that  1000 other people in the world have. I have a style that I do, that I like, and that’s what I specialize in. If you’d like to bring me some flash or pictures, as a reference, or to show me for some ideas, that’s awesome, that’s what I like, someone who’s done their homework and isn't just going to pick some random tattoo off the wall. Come on people, challenge me, be creative and use your minds and pick a tattoo that means something to you. I’m tired of doing tattoos that don’t fit the person. A tattoo is the perfect  way to express your individuality, however, be yourself, because a tattoo isn’t going to make you something your not.
Second off is pricing, my pricing is totally based on the client and the piece. A lot of tattoo artists charge by the hour, however, I feel its unfair to the client and  limits my creativity. After all I am  doing a tattoo which will be on you for life, neither you nor I wants to feel hurried, so I don’t charge a hourly rate. I usually just charge by the piece and what I think it would take if I charged roughly $80-$120 a hour, which is way under the normal hourly rate, call your local artists and test me.
Like I said before, I go by the piece. If you have a budget let me know I will work with you as much as possible, but this might limit the size or potential of the tattoo.
Which brings me to the next issue:
Obviously, I’m not going to charge someone who comes to me once a week the same as someone who I’ve never tattooed before, so don’t come at me with a price I gave someone else as a reference for what your tattoo will cost.
“So how do I get you to draw me a tattoo,” you ask?? Well, the best way is for you to come into the shop and get a personal tattoo consultation from me. If your not local, I can do email consultations. During this consultation, you bring me all the reference material you have, and you will sit down with me and pretty much explain to me, in as much detail as you can, the tattoo you would like to get. I will tell you what I think about the piece and make some suggestions.  If I have the time that day, I am always down to do a tattoo. However if I am booked the day of your visit, I will require a deposit  for the drawing and the appointment. This just makes sure that your serious about your tattoo, and I will put that money towards the price of the tattoo, plus, its only $50.
The day of your appointment I will show you what I drew, if you don’t like it, be honest, I have tough skin and  I can make whatever changes you need the day of the tattoo, no sweat, however afterwards, yeah, its going to be a little tougher. NOTE: If you cancel your appointment , or if you’re a no show, or over 1 hour late for the appointment, you lose the deposit. My time isn’t free, and I’d rather not spend my time drawing things that I’ll never get to tattoo, when I could be working with another client. I will not allow you to leave with the artwork, until the tattoo is complete. I do not draw for artist, nor do I appreciate other artists tattooing my work. I am available for guest spots and am going to try and hit a few large tattoo conventions, all dates will be posted on www.bobbyrotten.com at least a few months before.
I will do touch-ups only for 6 months after you receive the tattoo. If your tattoo needs a touch-up you will know with-in the first month, and its included in the price of your tattoo. I do not touch up tattoos after 2 months, nor touch up tattoos due to fading caused by sun or tanning beds. If you are dark skinned my vibrant colors might not be as bright on your skin tone.
Aftercare: After one hour remove the wrap/bandage. After removing the bandage, wash your tattoo with warm water and liquid anti-bacterial soap firmly (make sure all blood and ink has been removed). Pat dry with a clean towel. Wash with liquid anti-bacterial soap and wrap with seran wrap before bed. In the morning remove the wrap. After removing the wrap, wash your tattoo with warm water and liquid anti-bacterial soap firmly (make sure all blood and ink has been removed). Pat dry with a clean towel, and apply a thin layer of A&D ointment 3-5 times daily. Do this for 48-72 hours. After tattoo begins to flake off (like snake skin). You may begin to use non-scented lotion. Rub lotion completely into skin. No swimming, hot tubs, sun or soaking in a bath tub for 2 weeks. DO NOT pick at your tattoo, and be sure to apply SPF 50 to tattoo after healed when in the sun or tanning bed. Please, DO NOT listen to friends, family ,co-workers, etc. on how to care for your new tattoo, they are not artists and can mess your whole tattoo up. If you have any soreness, redness, or concerns please contact me, all my info is listed below.


Where is your shop?
I work at Xdream Xpressions Tattoo Studio
17 Hampton Park Blvd
Capitol Heights, MD 20874.
It’s a short drive from DC, and is accessible via Metro Blue Line, the closest stop is Morgan Blvd.

What are your hours there?
Wed- Thurs 1:30 - 8 pm
Fri- Sat 1:30 - 9 pm
Mon 3-9 pm

Do your have a shop minimum?
Yes, the shop minimum for tattoos is $50, and $40 for piercings.

But “blah blah ink”  is cheaper, why so much? 
I don’t compete with any other artists or shops. My price is my price. If you don’t like it go ahead and pay someone else do your tattoo. My work is worth more then I charge And if the price is that big of  a issue, I don’t want you as a client anyways. Nothing is more offensive to a artist when you try and put a price tag on what you think their art is worth to you.
That being said, I understand we’re in a recession, and times are hard. If you are working with a budget, please, just be up front with me in the beginning, and let me know what your working with, so I don’t draw a sick $500 piece and your working with $60 bucks. So many times, I’ve asked someone what their budget is like and everybody always says “oh, no budget, man,“ so I draw the sickest tattoo I can, only to find that its too steep for Mr. Moneybags and then they’ll try and haggle with me, just so you know, that’ll get you kicked out of my chair.
All I ask is that you just be honest with me.

Will you do my tattoo party?
Hell no. No amount of money in the world could get me to do another tattoo party. I totally believe they are ruining the industry, at least here, is more then likely adding to the blatantly rampant AIDS problem in DC.  Honestly, if you go to Youngstown, Ohio, where I started tattooing, and said something about a tattoo party, they wouldn’t know what you were talking about, and probably would look at you like your crazy. TATTOOS ARE MEANT TO BE DONE IN A STERILE SHOP ENVIROMENT, not on a hotel room table, which hasn't been cleaned since who knows when?!

What would you charge me for “blah blah” tattoo?
Its nearly impossible for me to give a accurate tattoo price quote over the phone, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc, so I don’t even try.  I draw nearly every tattoo I do custom for the person and I would have to see the area to be tattooed. The best thing I would say is to come in for a personalized tattoo consultation, that way I can know for sure what I’m getting into and we can start on the sketch and make a appointment to get your ink started.

Would you draw me a tattoo and send it to me?
HELL NO. All my artwork that I draw, I tattoo. You actually think I’d let my artwork leave the shop for someone else to do? I will commission some art, however, I barely have time to draw someone's tattoo and your better off coming to me for a tattoo.

Do you do Piercings?
Yes, I do piercing as well. My piercing prices follow below:

Ears (lobe) $25
Nose $40
Eyebrow $40
Lip $50
Labret $50
Navel $50
Tongue $50
Nipple $60 or 2 for $100
Septum $70
Industrial $75
Hood $100
Labia $100
Ladder $100
Prince Albert $150

Do I need an appointment? 
No. I take walk-ins. But it’s always best to schedule an appointment, to make sure that I am available.

How do I make an appointment? 
Call the shop: (301) 333-1236

How much are Touch-ups?
I stand by all my work, and sometimes tattoos need touched up, especially large scale color pieces. If you think your tattoo is going to need a touch-up please get a hold of me within 6 months, and I’ll be sure to get you scheduled for a touch-up, it will be included in the price of your tattoo, however you may have to pay a small sitting fee for the shop.

Do you do Apprenticeships? 
Um, perhaps? I would have to be very impressed. If you have a serious art portfolio, and a real drive to learn how to tattoo, get at me.

What is the best way to contact you?
The best way to get in contact with me is to call the shop on a day that I work.  You can also email me: bobbyrotten@bobbyrotten.com

MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/mediocregenericax
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/bobbyrotten13
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/bobbyrotten
BLOG: www.bobbyrotten.blogspot.com
WEBSITE: www.bobbyrotten.com
EMAIL: bobbyrotten@bobbyrotten.com

Thanks guys,
Bobby Rotten

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Amsterdam trip?

I am more then likely to be attending this years cannabis cup in Amsterdam and I would really like to spend some time over there doing some sick tattoos.
However, there are some amazing shops there, and I feel as though I need better samples of tattoo work i've done to even get looked at in a shop there. Unfortunately that's nearly impossible, so I am gonna make this offer to get some new client photos: huge discounts on BIG full color or black and grey pieces!
Check this out, say your tattoo would be about 400 bucks. I'll knock a clean 150 off. 300 you get 100 off and 200 ya get 50 off.
But there is a catch, you gotta make a appointment to get these tattoos and it has to be something creative, something I can run with. NO flash, tribal, crosses, praying hands or anything equally usual!

Send me your tattoo ideas to bobbyrotten@bobbyrotten.com

Or give me a call at the shop: 301.333.1236

This is your chance to get that huge tattoo you've always wanted for almost half off!!!

Hurry!! Offer ends November 1st.
Call today and be sure to check out www. Bobbyrotten.com

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back To School Specials

Fall is my favorite time of year. Seriously, all my favorite things are associated with this season: Halloween, football, Sam Adam's Octoberfest and hoodies. So to help share my festive fall spirit, I'm gonna be offering a ton of back to school specials on tattoos, piercings and clothing from BobbyRotten.com

Now through Nov. 15th, 2009
  • Any tattoo that has to do with Halloween, horror movies, or just sheer terror, I'll knock 20% off the total price of the tattoo, but it's gotta be over $100.
  • Show everybody that your a die hard Redskins fan for life. Come and get your NFL team (or college) logo tattooed on you for a clean $50 (for a 2x2 tattoo). GO STEELERS!!
  • Offering $20 off any tattoo or piercing when you buy any hoodie or t-shirt from bobbyrotten.com. Only valid Nov 1-15th.
So yeah, come in to the shop and check us out. I am not kidding people, now is the time to get a tattoo from me, tattooing kinda slows down in the fall, and I always hook people up like crazy, because I need new pieces for my portfolio.
Also, I will be launching my first 4 t-shirt designs on bobbyrotten.com on Nov.1, so be sure to check that out!

I'm getting stickers printed as well, so if you'd like a bobbyrotten.com sticker, join our email list, by emailing me your info to bobbyrotten@bobbyrotten.com

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wow, This never post?! It just sat in my drafts.

Wow. Somedays..
If you personally know me, you probably know that a few months ago I was robbed at gunpoint, in my own home, by my own boss. Yes sir, only this type of thing would happen to me, anyways, Mike went to jail for this, and recently was released. I just found out that my his wife, who owned the tattoo parlor, shot him in the head and killed him, in the shop I used to work at, its really sad. 
Here is the police report:
A man was shot and killed by his wife at a Southeast D.C. tattoo parlor Monday night, police said.
It happened just after 6 p.m. at Liquidity Jones Tattoo and Body Art at 1503 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, near the Potomac Avenue Metro station.
The couple owned the shop together, investigators said. The wife is now in police custody.
No customers were in the shop at the time of the shooting.
No word yet on a motive.

Rock The House

Hey guys,
What's up? I just finished up unpacking from tattooing and piercing at the Rock the House music festival at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, just outside of DC.
It definitely was a good time, and thanks to everybody who got inked or pierced. Also to anybody who missed out Ludacris, Redman and Methodman, and Inspectah Deck put on a kick ass show, so be sure to check it out next year. I'll prob be out there, maybe not tattooing tho, haha.
RTH definitely was the "diet" version of Rock the Bells, which I also attended this year VIP. I must say, the ticket price was high, but the Rock the Bells experience is amazing. I met Necro and Mr. Hyde, Rza, and members of Slaughterhouse and MOP. However, the RTH fest had more of a personal feel to it, and the show even almost got shut down by police when Redman and Methodman urged fans to kick down the gate that separated VIP and general, and rush the stage, the crowd obliged.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, If you've never been to either, your missing out on a good time.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Now broadcasting LIVE on UStream.com

Hey guys, what's good my tattoo crew??
I am gonna start broadcasting my daily shop life on UStream.com, a few days a week, starting August 5.
This is on a trial basis for now, if people actually watch, i might keep doing it, if not eh.
Jarvis and I had a lot of fun broadcasting a few days ago from the shop. We played music, drew, tattooed and just kicked it and got 65 viewers all day..
I am gonna start doing the broadcast Mon, Thurs, and Fri, from 2:30 to 9 or so. So if you know me, check it out, swing by and say hi, there's a chat room. All my Youngstown/Pittsburgh friends, be sure to peep this.
You can also follow me on Twitter to find out when,

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