Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look closer

I never share any of my personal writings here, just a lot of tattoo stuff, I think that's going to be one of the many changes that I have been making in my personal life. It's all a part of me bettering myself in 2010. I've literally spent the past 25 years of my life wrecking my body and mind, and it's gotten me nowhere, and now I am gonna spend the next 50 or so repairing this shit. 
Anyways, here is the first look into my personal writings I've given in awhile, even tho I edited this because I wrote it when I was angry, so i guess it isn't a full look into my life, but its a start. 

When I first woke today, I thought,
I’ve been here before,
The feelings are all too familiar,
Almost like a second  home.
But rather a jail.
Prisoner of  my thought,
With no escape in sight,
not yet anyway.
I am my own warden
And only I hold the key.
If only I knew what the key was,
I would escape and be done..
Its just really hard for me to feel this way.
I’ve only broke down like this a few times before,
Like after my dad’s funeral,
A few times while playing the addict,
Fist  fighting my brother, handful of others.
It’s a feeling that I cannot stand,
Serious uncertainty.
And now still, nothings been solved.
At least not in my mind.
I think I just need some time.

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