Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Amsterdam trip?

I am more then likely to be attending this years cannabis cup in Amsterdam and I would really like to spend some time over there doing some sick tattoos.
However, there are some amazing shops there, and I feel as though I need better samples of tattoo work i've done to even get looked at in a shop there. Unfortunately that's nearly impossible, so I am gonna make this offer to get some new client photos: huge discounts on BIG full color or black and grey pieces!
Check this out, say your tattoo would be about 400 bucks. I'll knock a clean 150 off. 300 you get 100 off and 200 ya get 50 off.
But there is a catch, you gotta make a appointment to get these tattoos and it has to be something creative, something I can run with. NO flash, tribal, crosses, praying hands or anything equally usual!

Send me your tattoo ideas to

Or give me a call at the shop: 301.333.1236

This is your chance to get that huge tattoo you've always wanted for almost half off!!!

Hurry!! Offer ends November 1st.
Call today and be sure to check out www.

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